Data & Internet Services

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As a provider of Enterprise-grade internet services, Broadland Solutions delivers a range of superior internet products to enhance operations.

Whether a small-to-medium sized business or large corporation, accessing the Internet requires a reliable, high performance solution. Broadland Solutions’ Enterprise Internet provides a simple, highly available, cost effective, fully managed solution for high speed Internet.


Broadland Solutions’ Enterprise Internet Service provides access to the Internet from 2Mbps to 100Mbps using the Broadland Solutions Ethernet Network. Broadland Solutions has partnering arrangements with other International backbone providers to ensure that Internet traffic always reaches its destination as reliably as possible.

Enterprise Internet Plan

The Enterprise Internet Plan is for organisations requiring highspeed links and access to unrestricted downloads.


The Enterprise Internet Plan offers a range of speeds to suit businesses individual requirements where customers can download as much content as required – all for a fixed monthly fee. Fixed monthly fees offer peace of mind as the fixed charge is capped every month.

This plan is ideal when internet usage requirements are for high speed, high average usage, such as streaming of data, large uploads/downloads, web serving, large numbers of users and backup scenarios.
Data & Internet Services

Business Benefits

Bandwidth on Demand

  • Speeds from 2Mbps to 100Mbps at your fingertips
  • Choose the speed that suits your requirements
  • Unlimited upstream & downstream usage


Peace of mind for your business communications

Enterprise Grade Internet Delivered Over An Ethernet Network

High-speed symmetrical access

First Class Service Delivery

  • Target link availability exceeding 99.95% *
  • Target packet loss less than 0.1%
  • Built-in core network redundancy, access to network redundancy also available
  • Use of multiple Upstream Providers


High availability saves the costs of downtime

Comprehensive Service Level Agreements

Access to Peering Arrangements Available

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Optional Services

Mail Hosting

Hosted mail services are available as an option to Enterprise Internet customers.

IP Addressing

Broadland Solutions typically provides a /30 static IP address range on the Enterprise Internet link to the customer. Any additional subnet ranges will be routed to the IP address allocated to the customer end of the link. These additional IP address ranges are available following request and approval with supporting documentation.

DNS Hosting

Hosted DNS services, primary and secondary, are available to Enterprise Internet customers.

AntiSpam & AntiVirus

Broadland Solutions can provide a centralised, hosted solution to protect inbound email and provide a filtering service before it reaches your mail server. The service reduces administrative costs and time, reduces email traffic, and removes the demand to always keep your signatures up to date.

Web Hosting

Hosted Web services are available to Enterprise Internet customers.

BGP Peering

BGP Peering is available to Enterprise Internet customers who have multiple ISP connections providing router redundancy.

Before working with Broadland it was hassle dealing with multiple carriers for our telecommunications, now it's simple because the team at Broadland manage all of that for us. Plus, they saved us about 40% when we switched from Telstra. - Watts Waste

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