Video Conferencing

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Why choose video conferencing from Broadland Solutions?

Our video conferencing software allows you to easily have face-to-face meetings with staff and clients wherever you are – unlike other video conferencing software, you aren’t tied to your boardroom. It’s user friendly so you won’t need IT to set it up and it’s compatible with all devices so it’s easy for all users to connect.

Bring Your Own Device

To accommodate the growing BYOD trend, our video solutions are available on devices with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android operating systems.
Since the most popular video conferencing systems are still standard room-based ones, personal systems must be able to communicate with these.

You already own what Avaya Video works on.
Video Conferencing

Avaya Video Collaboration Benefits


Proven Simplicity

Flexible Deployment

End-to-end Solutions

Bring Your Own Device

Price & Performance

Deep Interoperability


Excellent Support

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Flexible Deployment

Invite Anyone, Anywhere

Same method to enter a session regardless of location or device

All-In-One Solutions

All-in-one solutions for SME, easy on-premise install

Distribute Resources

Reduce bandwidth use and possible points of failure

Large Enterprise Solutions

Solutions for large enterprises, on-premise or cloud

Works on any network

Wi-Fi - WAN - LAN - VPN - 3G - 4G LTE

Service Providers Solutions

Service providers around the world already offer Avaya Video in the cloud

Avaya wins on the strength of its technology and value. Its technology score was tops among all Market Challengers, while its value score led every other vendor, Challenger and Leader alike. - Nemertes Research PilotHouse Awards, Video Conferencing Q312

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VIDEO CONFERENCING - it’s no longer the next wave in communication

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